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Meet JOOR Pay, our revolutionary global embedded payment solution. With JOOR Pay, brands can meet the demands of cash flow management thanks to 60-day net terms for qualified buyers and enjoy the benefits of simplified foreign transactions, fraud protection and more. We’ve simplified your backend so you can focus on selling, all within the JOOR platform.



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At a Glance

  • Support for all major types of digital payments
  • Provide 60-day terms to qualified buyers
  • Time savings and improved cash flow
  • Consolidated reporting and reconciliation
  • Daily settlements in the currency of choice
  • Coverage across 130+ geographies
  • Guaranteed fraud coverage
  • No monthly fees or commitment to process
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JOOR 批发管理平台


Capture payments seamlessly across 135 currencies and get paid in your currency of choice

JOOR 批发管理平台


Get paid quickly while allowing your buyers to pay later with 60-day net terms offered to qualified buyers

JOOR 批发管理平台


Safeguard your business with guaranteed FX rates and best-in-class fraud protection technology

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JOOR | 批发管理平台

We’ve never been able to offer a global payment option before and it’s been a game-changer for our business. Since adopting JOOR Pay, we can accept over 135 currencies and still get paid in our currency of choice. The intuitive, easy to use interface has been a breeze to adopt and we’ve already seen faster payments and been able to simplify our reconciliation.

JOOR | 批发管理平台
Aaron Smith, Chief Operating Officer
JOOR | 批发管理平台
JOOR | 批发管理平台

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JOOR | 批发管理平台