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利用 JOOR 的创新技术和直观的设计,将您的分类规划和批发购买流程提升到新的水平高度。


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零售中心 | JOOR 批发管理平台

Simplified Shopping

We’ve spent ten years developing revolutionary tools to dramatically improve wholesale buying. Buy and pay with simplicity and speed through our digital ecosystem.

JOOR’s Retail platform is a beautiful, intuitive dashboard designed to elevate your ordering experience.

  • Visualize your buy with our image-driven planning and collaboration tools
  • Shop brands linesheets like an e-commerce store
  • Manage all your orders in one place and see at a glance what is pending and approved
JOOR | 批发管理平台


JOOR’s Pro Retail web and mobile platform provides a truly elevated buying experience with everything needed to optimize your buy.  

  • Shop linesheets and create orders from any location with our JOOR for Buyers app
  • Track all orders with our centralized planning hub for your entire buying team
  • Advanced features such as size mapping, product attribution, and currency conversions help your team manage orders on a large scale


JOOR is where retailers and brands meet. We’ve reworked the buyer experience to support engaging discovery and facilitate fast and easy order creation. 

  • Access exclusive tradeshows and curated fashion events through JOOR Passport
  • Shop top designers from around the world, all while never leaving your desk



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Realtime Retail


JOOR | 批发管理平台

我们步履不停,寻求最新的技术解决方案,帮助提升我们的购买流程,并增进品牌关系。JOOR 的各项功能,帮助我们与我们的品牌伙伴进行流畅数字合作,继续为 Shopbop 客户提供重要趋势和款式灵感。

JOOR | 批发管理平台
Shopbop | JOOR 批发管理平台
JOOR | 批发管理平台

自从使用 JOOR 平台,我们的批发业务翻了一番。JOOR 这款工具是无价之宝,它增强我们与零售客户的关系,让我们的日常工作更加简便和快捷。

JOOR | 批发管理平台
ALALA JOOR | 批发管理平台
JOOR | 批发管理平台

品牌关系是 Neiman Marcus 成功的支柱之一。JOOR 帮助简化(批发)流程,该平台非常优秀。它可以与我们的品牌合作伙伴合作,囊括所有适当款式风格,选出黄金组合。

JOOR | 批发管理平台
DMM 精品服饰部高级总裁
Neiman Marcus & JOOR | 批发管理平台
JOOR | 批发管理平台
JOOR | 批发管理平台